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P46-B - Passport 46B, Standard Passport

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  So impressed!!
Katie - Westchester County, New York   (Saturday, April 2, 2016)

I LOVE me passport invitations and am so glad I ordered from Diane was responsive and extremely helpful even before I placed my order. I sent her an email with several detailed questions regarding the invitations I was considering, and she replied within 24 hours with thorough responses to each of my questions. (I think it was even over a weekend, but I'm not positive.) She continued to be responsive and very helpful throughout the process of designing / laying out my invitations sending the promised Word template, creating an invitation for me based on my descriptions and text entries in the template, providing a sample and asking for feedback / requests for changes, etc. The whole experience was very pleasant. I have to say, too, that the invitations I received exceeded my expectations. The texture printed on the front of the invitations looks so realistic that I had to touch it to make sure that the invitation was not, in fact, textured.

Also, Diane is able to create lovely designs based on descriptions of her customers' visions. I ordered style 46B (standard passport), and I asked Diane to suggest a front-of-passport emblem appropriate for a child's first birthday party invitation. She suggested an emblem with a group of multicolored balloons on top of a gold text design reading '1st Birthday.' I love it. I don't know that it's represented on the website (I didn't see it), but it should be!

I know my praise in this review is quite effusive, but that's because I'm genuinely impressed with the product and the service I received. (I wouldn't have taken the time to write a review otherwise.) I considered several vendors on Etsy before deciding to go with, and I'm SO happy I chose as I did.

  Outstanding job
Wilveria Sanders Akinseye - North Carolina   (Tuesday, January 12, 2016)

I ordered some passport invitations from Diane and she did an excellent job on them. I really appreciate her and the hard work she put into the invitations. I highly recommend her for any wedding invites.

Thanks to Custom Passports,


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