Teddy Bear Passport Style 2 (TB Passport 2)

This is a Teddy Bear Passport.  Take this with you while you travel with your Teddy Bear to new and wonderful places. You may change any of the Field Names, just let me know that in the Instruction/Comments Box. Pages 3, 4, 5 and 6 do not have any text on them as they are intended to be stamped. If you have any questions, you may e-mail me at: diane@custompassports.com.
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About Additional Pages: The passport is an invitation card. It's a heavy card weight paper with the Passport image on the cover. The inside of the card is a graphic (a picture) of a passport. The Additional Page we offer is 24lb. weight paper, which is folded in half and stapled into the passport card. The corners are Not rounded.  You can purchase a corner rounder at any craft or paper store.

Info about the Sample Shown:
Card Size Shown: 4.25 by 5.5
Fonts: Times New Roman & Arial
One Additional Page (6 total inside pages)

Our web address and phone are on the back of every card we design.
File Upload :
Teddy Bear Passport Style 2

Additional Images:

Teddy Bear Sample 2  Teddy Bear Sample 2 Cover and Pages 1-2  Teddy Bear Sample 2 Pages 1-2  Teddy Bear Sample 2 Pages 3-4-5-6 

Type :
*Max. letters:10letters

Code :
*Max. letters:16letters

Passport Number :
*Max. letters:10letters

Bear Name :
*Max. letters:30letters

Bear Caregiver Name :
*Max. letters:30letters

Date of Creation :
*Max. letters:12letters

Nationality :
*Max. letters:30letters

Boy or Girl :
*Max. letters:6letters

Date of Issue :
*Max. letters:100letters

Authority :
*Max. letters:30letters

Bottom of Passport - Line 1 :
*Max. letters:50letters

Bottom of Passport - Line 2 :
*Max. letters:50letters

Proofing Method? :
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Instructions/Comments? :
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